“We’re all stories,
in the end.”Steven Moffat


Nola Young and I have a secret handshake

Have you ever seen someone - an actor, designer, musician, or anyone you look up to - and thought, “I know we’d be friends if we ever met!” That’s how I have always felt about Nola Young! Obviously, I could barely contain my excitement when I found out I’d finally get to meet her! Continue Reading


Rufus Mack taught me the Macarena

How did I go this long in my life without knowing the Macarena? Even more importantly, how did I ever go this long without meeting Rufus Mack? That guy - talk about multi-talented! The events leading up to dancing in the middle of Cafe Medici started out innocently enough: with a small Americano and a vanilla scone. Continue Reading


Audra Bianca and I are friends, like, IRL

I would have never guessed that Audra Bianca and I both love tacos with the same intense, fiery passion as the picante sauce we pour over them. Naturally, we had our coffee at Tacodeli. Nothing goes with new friendship like papas, egg and cheese! Continue Reading


Randy Russell gave me a ride on his Vespa. Ciao!

Okay, okay, so I only sat on it in the parking lot. When we met at Radio Coffee, and both ordered a pour over with 2%, I immediately knew we’d get along. We discussed his latest project, and he gave me some really great advice that seems almost counterintuitive - double your whitespace. Continue Reading


Carolyn McConnell, Renaissance Woman

You’d probably never guess that Carolyn McConnell is both an innovator in the design world as well a beekeeper and artisan mazer. The mead she makes is crisp and sweet - almost poetic in its simplicity. The same could be said about her latest project, a web login technology that will probably change the world. Continue Reading


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